About us

The team is composed by two Komodo Platform community members: emmanux (aka komodo.rocks) and patchkez. We decided to form this team in order to improve Komodo platform by solving every existing scaling issue and adopting innovative technologies and practices from DevOps culture.

What we will provide to the Komodo community

Our proposal is based on Notary Node architecture improvements.

Currently in order to run a notary node, a physical server is needed, with a lot of disk space and RAM. Standard servers allow you to scale only vertically, which means adding RAM modules or disks. With the increasing number of assetchains, a single server might not be sufficient to handle the load.

But, what if we split the load between multiple servers? By cutting Komodo/Iguana/Bitcoin/assetchains down into smaller pieces (containers), we could run each piece of the puzzle in a ditributed manner accross multiple nodes.

Current work

• Dockerizing Bitcoin/Komodo/Iguana combo to make deployment frictionless.

• Decoupling of Notary Node software from baremetal and deployment onto Openshift/Kubernetes.

• Having a central Docker registry with signed images.

• Management scripts will need to be rewritten because they were designed to work on single machine.

You can check our progress here:

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At some point, we will merge our changes into one repo.

Pros of proposed solution

Portability Across Machines — Docker containers can be built and tested locally on dev/test server and final images can be then deployed to Notary Nodes and then started.

Version Control

Sharing Images — operators can build an image once, share, and then everybody can deploy that same image on their own servers

Minimal Overhead

High Availability — in case of failure, in a multi-node setup, containers can be started on another node of the same cluster

Scalability — new nodes can be added to the cluster to expand its capacity

Latest Blog Post

30 Mar 2018 . tech . How Dragon Riders team spent last week --

It is 2 days before the end of the Notary Node elections and we would like to share with you how we spent our time in improving Komodo Platform. If you haven’t read our blogpost about our vision yet, you can read it here.

There was a lot of work on multiple areas:

Important patches for Iguana Emmanux was working hard to create these patches to enable ‘scalability’ on Iguana. ‘Listen to all’ patch RPC port of current Iguana version listens on localhost ( interface only. This address is used to send commands to Iguana. Because...



We won spots in Southern Hemisphere (SH) region. Here are the keys of our nodes and contacts:


(slack: @emmanux)

  • btcpubkey: 033f316114d950497fc1d9348f03770cd420f14f662ab2db6172df44c389a2667a
  • BTC: 1311gPf4smcFd6zNQ7dST8wUDZjAYSHWwC
  • BTCD: RBHCkuYMUbQph7MZsHcZYfGfyqBm8Y4jFQ


(slack: @patchkez)

  • btcpubkey: 0296270f394140640f8fa15684fc11255371abb6b9f253416ea2734e34607799c4
  • BTC: 13XpsmJszDj3GA7rg59pP2bqovU6gk3tLU
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